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Our History


From 300 people in 1914, the Assemblies of God has come a long way since this revival movement started in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Now with more than 12,792 churches and 3 million adherents in the U.S., along with more than 67 million members worldwide, the Assemblies of God has grown to become the world’s largest Pentecostal denomination.


The Hawaii District of the Assemblies of God is one of the 61 districts in the United States and consists of a cooperative fellowship of over 70 churches spread across O’ahu, Kaua’i, the Big Island, Mau’i, and Lana’i.


Please feel free to contact any of the Assemblies of God churches closest you for hours of services and for any additional information on this worldwide Pentecostal movement.



 District Executive Leadership Team


Klayton Ko - District Superintendent

Klayton is married to Sharon, has three children and is senior pastor of First Assembly of God in Honolulu.

images/phone.gif 808-836-2300
 kko [AT] firstaog [DOT] com

James "Tex" Texeira - Assistant District Superintendent

Tex is married to Shelley and has four sons who are all committed followers of Jesus with two of them pastoring churches in the state. Along with Shelley, Tex is the founder and lead pastor of Solid Rock Ministries in Kona, Hawaii. He also is a former DYD and sectional presbyter. He loves to play music and ride his Harley Davidson around the Big Island.

images/phone.gif (808) 327-6543
 ptsrmkona [AT] gmail [DOT] com

Don Yoshida - District Secetary

Don is married to Diana, has one son, and is senior pastor of Bethany Assembly of God. He has served on the District Youth Leadership Team and as a Sectional Presbyter. He is a graduate of The University of Hawaii, Northwest University and The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He enjoys hiking and running.

images/phone.gif (808) 783-1229
 Dodimac [AT] aol [DOT] com

John Opeta - District Treasurer

John is married to Melolini, a father of two children, and is the senior pastor of One Mission Center. He has served as a Sectional Presbyter. He is a graduate of Asian Pacific Bible College; a military veteran, and is retired from the Airline Industry.

images/phone.gif (808) 341-6067
 1missionjo [AT] gmail [DOT] com